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Our Coffee 'N' Cruise events are one of our regulars and are very popular. The event features a relaxed car meet over at our Headquarters with coffee and snacks. We then round up all the cars at the event and go for a cruise along a pre set route in our local area. The drive is pretty chill and low car friendly through the scenic countryside with some straighter B roads included. This gives you the opportunity to get some photos of your car on the move. 
The event is a great way to meet like minded car enthusiasts and have a good start to your Sunday morning.
Once the ticket is purchased we will email over your copy a couple of days before the event.

1 car entry with the driver is £8 online and £10 on the gate. 

1 single person entry is £5 online and on the gate.
Tickets are limited however so buying in advanced would secure you a ticket.