2022 Roundup!

2022 Roundup!

The past year has been a hectic one for all of us at WeaselWerkz to say the least. 
It was our first year fully in business, with a new headquarters and many ideas that we were trying to make come to life! 

We really solidified our aims with our content and have now got a full understanding of how to structure the stuff we want to release. Project Homegrown, Spanners and Mash, Weasel Whips, All Sauce No Waffle, are the current series that we have in place and are producing regularly. However we have much more content than this in the pipelines, with mini series such as our automotive museum visits and even single concept videos that we aim to have a much more playful spin on. Basically the filming and creating never stops over at WeaselWerkz HQ and we are always keen to hear from you about what you want to see next!

Our events are something that we really enjoy holding and are extremely passionate about. This year was really a tester for us in terms of what level events we can hold and it has fully solidified our belief that events are a key part in building the automotive community that we are aiming for. We've held many a successful Coffee 'N' Cruise, a couple BBQ events and our favourite so far being our Games Night where we transformed our Headquarters into an automotive arcade! We are really trying to make a change to the run of the mill car show and want to have an exciting impact of automotive events in the UK. This year we are really going to go IN on our events and have so really exciting concepts that we can not wait to bring to life.

In 2022 we released our Limited edition WeaselWerkz pub sign t-shirt pack, which came with a t-shirt, poster and sticker. We also released our classic WeaselWerkz t-shirt and mascot t-shirt. Our t-shirt releases will remain fairly limited this year with the aim of our designs that we put out staying unique and exciting. We hope to release the T-shirts along with a range of other products such as hats and hoodies so that we have complete collections focussing around the same themes. As I said, they will remain fairly limited so really keep your eyes peeled on what we are putting out so you don't miss you chance to get hold of them. We will also be creating other fun items like our calendars that we released and single run stickers. 
R&D of an exciting automotive accessory is also currently underway and we hope to be releasing this in 2023 so keep on the look out for more news following this.

The garage has been in full swing this year and it gives us great joy to have a helping hand in everyones builds and repairs. We have had all sorts of cars come in through our doors in 2022 and we hope to continue the exciting array throughout 2023. If you've got work that you want doing to your car then don't hesitate to get in contact with us for quotes or advice. You can do this via email, instagram message or phone. 

Our own WeaselWerkz project cars have taken a semi back seat during 2022 due mainly to all the madness we have had going on in the other areas of our business. However we have had a few cars tied up such as the Reliant Scimitar, the Bmw E46 touring daily drifter, Pamela the VW Polo 6n, Bmw E36 team skidder and have got started on the Volvo 940. We have some big projects on the go that are going to be smashed out this year and the ones that have been started will be tied up nicely as well.

Overall 2022 was an amazing year for us, filled with lots of big events! We have met many amazing people throughout the year and got to do things that really make the hard work and pain worth it in our eyes. We can't wait for what 2023 has in store for us and we are super excited for you to join us on our journey to the ultimate UK automotive community. 

Much love and many thanks from everyone here at WeaselWerkz! Without you, none of this would be possible.