Who are we?

Firstly, thanks for checking out the website, the fact that you're reading this makes us stoked!

WeaselWerkz was an idea created between childhood friends. We wanted to create something that represented our passion for cars, using our own style and creativity. Since 2020 it has flourished into providing the UK with a relatable, all encompassing and unique automotive brand.

In 2021 we renovated a derelict farm unit into our brand new headquarters, which we use to create content from, host events at and additionally use as a repair and modification garage for ourselves, friends and now the public. We have a strong background in mechanics and automotive engineering, which has allowed us to start providing servicing, repairs and modification to all vehicles. So if you need your car fixed, get in touch via our contact page.

By creating this space it has given us the idea of building something much bigger for the whole of the UKs car community to enjoy, but also resolve some of the big issues surrounding the various car scenes. Ultimately our dream is to acquire a physical space within the UK to create and build an automotive paradise. But what does that mean and why?

We feel the car world here in the UK, especially the drift scene, is in a state of dismay. There is a real lack of facilities for those who are truly passionate about cars, with the endless closure of tracks, lack of venues for events to be held and negative stereotypes that surround petrol heads, something has to be done in order for things to change.

As we’re influenced by so many external factors, we aim to bring all corners of the automotive community together and provide a place where everyone is welcome to enjoy their motors, whether it's by working on them, attending events in them or driving them, we want this space to be the ultimate go to if you're a petrol head.

We hope that by producing entertaining, high quality content and creating unique car events we'll quickly be able to establish ourselves as a positive mark on UK car culture and begin working towards creating an automotive paradise for all to enjoy.

If you want to support our journey and the dream, take a look at some of our products, keep an eye on our events page and check out our Youtube channel. We look forward to you joining us on the road to an automotive paradise!