April Bicester Scramble

April Bicester Scramble

Last weekend was the most popular Bicester Scramble of the year and we rolled through to pay it a visit. We went mainly to document the event in a video & for the good times but the boys over at RollHard also had our black E36 on their stand which was rad of them. The 36 was very different from the other pristine cars on show, rocking different wheels on front and rear, cracks and defects in the paint and a couple war wounds here and there, but it definitely has character. It was an interesting yet successful road test driving to the show as the arches had been severely chopped the night before and it had recently undergone some work to remove the spare wheel well and repair the chassis rails which were massively in need of some care. The show always hosts an extremely eclectic array of cars, it is meant to be pre-90’s but they usually have stuff from current day all the way back to one car we saw from 1914. 



The Bicester heritage site itself is home to many automotive businesses and workshops who all bring out their own creations and flavours. They have loads of cool things like panel beaters, Bentley restorers, detailers, EV builders, scale miniature vehicles and various classics restorers so the location itself is perfect to host the Scramble. The premises is located on an air field that still gets used to this day but I think it is mainly for lighter aircraft. They also use the airfield occasionally as a race track so you can see rumble strips located about and piece together where the track runs. We’ve not been to any racing there ourselves but it may be something that we slot into our calendar. 


Each of us have our own slight differences in favourite vehicles at the show but a few that we all seem to agree on were ones such as the insane Renault Turbo 5 which was a genuine group rally car, the Aston Martin DBR2 and the impeccable E36 packed with rare BMW goodness which is owned by our friend Joey who was also on the RollHard stand. 



All in all, it was a sick day and we are always happy to go to events of this caliber where you can see some of your rare favorites and learn some history on vehicles that you maybe weren’t aware of - Bicester Scramble never disappoints and if you can manage to make it to one then we would highly recommend it. 



Whilst we were there talking to people and checking out all the historic cars on show, we were also filming a video of the day. It’s a little bit of us babbling about the day and a lot of cinematic gold. You can check it out on our Youtube HERE - It’s the best way to get a more comprehensive look at all the insane cars that were on show that day.