WW HQ - Coffee & Cruise Event

WW HQ - Coffee & Cruise Event

Last Sunday we held our inaugural Coffee & Cruise down at the WeaselWerkz HQ.

We thought it would be a good idea to get the wheel rolling and invite some close friends and their pride and joys to join us for a warm beverage and a spirited drive. Being the first event we've ever held, we didn't expect a huge turnout on such short notice, but we still managed a handful of cool cars to join us. Of course a few BMWs notably an E39 M5 but the real wildcard was a Pontiac Trans AM.

It'll be interesting to see how eclectic the group of cars will gradually get as we host more and more events!


Obviously we had to get some WW coffee mugs made up. Who want's one?  

We chilled at the HQ for an hour talking all things cars, and once everyone was done chin-wagging and was fuelled with caffeine and crucified croissants, we hopped in the motors. We'd planned a little route out, featuring some lovely countryside lanes, surprisingly that were good condition, so no one was subject to any undercarriage grievances.

 After a nice bit of back laning we headed to a perfect stretch of dual carriageway where we could get side by side for some rollers.

After a quick session of photos, it was a sprint back to the HQ, but first a pit stop at the nearby local village watering hole, a lovely little pub just up the road with nice ales and of course a complimentary pub dog.  

For our first event, the boys collectively thought that we had done a pretty good job well done. It would be cool do one a month, to gradually build us up to doing some proper ones later on in the year. So if you got a rad car and you wanna get involved on the next one, drop us a line! (no melts tho plz :) )

Bless yourself for reading, and have a good week.