RX7 V8 Burnout

Ford Powered Mazda Drift Car

A while ago we linked up with Ed Mikulcik to take a look at his RX7 build. It’s a fun drift project fueled by passion so we asked Ed to give us a run down of his time with this car as well as where his love for the automotive world came from. The car lives with him up in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada in a town called Whistler which is where we took the photos. Join us as we delve into this Japanese/American crossover.

 So where are you from?

I was born in Slovakia. My parents immigrated to Canada, Vancouver when I was a year old.

 How did you get into cars?

As a little kid playing I loved playing with hot wheels cars. Then when I was about 10 or 11 Need for Speed Underground 2 came out and that was a game changer! I loved the level of customization and wanted to have something like that in real life when I was older. Also when I was around that age I got my dad to get a monthly subscription to Performance Auto & Sound car magazine. I would read articles, look at pictures and get inspiration from there.



 First project car you ever did?

The first car I bought and started working on was a Red 1990 Mazda RX7 - base model, non-turbo. First mods were coilovers, got the diff welded and started drifting!

 Favourite place you've driven an RX7?

Definitely on the track at one of the drift events held at Mission raceway in Vancouver.


 Sketchiest situation in your RX7?

This was in my first RX7. Went out for a late night skid in an industrial spot in Richmond. I was there probably longer than I should have. As I’m trying to link some drifts one of the garage doors open and two people standing at the door with their arms crossed shaking their heads. I leave immediately and as I turn the first corner a cop car is driving in the opposite direction. Didn’t light me up but I’m sure if I was there one donut longer it would have been a different story. 

 Funniest police encounter in RX7?

Then again in the red RX7 I once got pulled over by a Toyota Venza undercover cop. Issued me a vehicle inspection, took my plates, had to get towed and that was the end of that car.  

 What made you want to build it?

I love the style of slammed drift cars and I wanted to have one myself. 

 When was the car initially purchased?

If I remember correctly, May 2013. It was a rolling shell with no engine or transmission. I paid $800 for it and to sweeten the deal it came with a brand new Tomei 2 way LSD still in the box.


 How long did this project take to get to its current state?

Too long hahaha. The engine didn’t run correctly for a long time and I lost motivation. With other hobbies it was put on the back burner for a while.


 All work done yourself?

Yup just about Everything. I had a friend help me out with the wiring, otherwise did everything else. I even took it on myself to completely rebuild the engine. Parts are cheap for American V8’s so why not. It was a cool experience.  

 Story behind the car?

Not much of a story. Bought it off Craigslist. 

 Exact vision from the beginning or evolved over time?

Pretty much the same vision since the beginning. I bought those wheels even before I had the car! Although I would still like to get a rear bumper or diffuser. Still undecided about that. 

 Exact model?

1987 Mazda RX7 turbo 2


1990 Ford 302 HO. Fuel injected  


T5 manual transmission, custom drive shaft, and that Tomei LSD mentioned earlier. 

 Any other interesting/unique mods?

The black interior was swapped out from my first RX7.

 Did you fabricate any of your own parts?

I fabricated a custom rad support to make the electric fan and the coolant hoses fit. Top hose just about touches the serp belt. 


 Final words?

The car is far from perfect. It’s definitely not a show car. None of the gauges work, it has some rust, dents and dings, cracked windshield to name a few. But it goes like stink, scrapes everywhere, spins the tires and puts a smile on my face! 


Cool cars being put together to drive and not just to show - it’s the kind of build we love to hear about. We’re sure you’ve got lots of good times to come in your American powered Japanese delight. Cheers Ed for your time and for telling us the story of your RX7.