Garage Arcade Event!

Garage Arcade Event!

After the success of our groundbreaking idea last year, of converting our garage into a retro themed car gaming arcade we’ve decided to make it a staple WW event.

So last weekend, we hosted our second instalment of Garage Arcade!

It was clear to see the event had evolved since our first attempt in November. It was nearly twice as busy, we had a better lighting set up in the garage, a better selection of games to play, and a new addition, a bonfire to keep attendees warm (with marshmallows obviously!)

DJ Ray-C came through and blessed us with a little DNB set before catching a flight to play in Ibiza, what a superstar he is.

The selection of games to play consisted of Car X Drift, Forza, Gran Turismo, GTA and Mario Kart, again the clear winner, I think down to its 4 player capability, it makes for an entertaining and social activity that anyone can enjoy. I think we’ll focus more on multiple player games in the next event. 

The simulator setup is still very budget to say the least, however for our next Garage Arcade we’ll make sure there’s a much better racing simulator system, we can then introduce a small competition, likely a fastest lap with a prize to be handed to the fastest driver (you’ll have to beat us first though!)

The selection of cars that turned up to attend was more jap influenced this time, we had a number of Chasers, MKII’s, and Lexus’ in the mix this time which was pretty sick.

We did however struggle to get enough content of the cars outside, a combination of being busy hosting everyone and keeping the event running smoothly, but also the lighting outside, it’s fair to say it was pretty dark and felt like the event was really just about the Arcade which isn’t true. We’ll definitely be upgrading the exterior lighting some more, a big part of the event is about the cars too, so to help tie both aspects of the event together better, we’ll invest some thought into it before our next Garage Arcade.

With it being our busiest event yet, we’re starting to realise what our limit is on space at our HQ, it's become apparent that we won’t be able to host larger scale events from this site, however we think the events being on the smaller side here, add to their exclusivity, which in turn creates quite a unique vibe.

I’m sure we’re all bored of standing in fields attending the same unimaginative car shows each and every time. We’re really trying to bring some new flavour to the automotive world with events like Garage Arcade, aiming for them to be the most unique, interactive and enjoyable shows the UK car scene has seen. 

We’ve got a few more events planned for April so keep you eyes peeled on our socials for the next announcement!

We’ll likely wait for some warmer weather before hosting another, but you can bet your bottom dollar it will be bigger and better. 

Until then, check out the rest of the site, and help support our dream by checking out the SHOP!