May's Coffee & Cruise

May's Coffee & Cruise

These events are starting to become exactly what we had planned them to be when we had our initial idea and are quickly becoming even better than we had hoped. At the beginning of May we held our 3rd Coffee & Cruise event over at WeaselWerkz HQ.  

c&c yard

 The attending vehicles are still fairly drift orientated but they are getting more diverse with other forms of modified classics such as a pucker pair of Corrados, the beautiful yellow S4 and a rare part laced, blue e36 (which you may have seen before on our youtube) that rolled through.  

We had some of our regulars with us again, shout out to them for supporting and always showing up to enjoy the events. The tidy 635CSi is always a pleasure to see and another regular changed it up and decided to bring down their rapid Supra which has the sound to match the speed. 

As always we like to appease the drift gods, so we had a few Japanese cars that like to get sideways visit the event. There was a cool 180sx which was heavy on inspiration from the Japanese drift scene, an MX5 with a big body kit and an even bigger turbski and a clean s13 that doesn’t mind getting rowdy. 

A couple 2 wheelers swung by this week to join in on the action for the first time. It's nice to mix it up a bit and we are always gonna welcome anyone who has a passion for motorised vehicles, no matter what your specific lane is.

We had our standard coffee and chill for about an hour or so whilst exchanging some chin wagging. Fixed any unexpected issues that people had with their cars (as there always is) before heading out on our cruise. We were rolling pretty deep this time with lots of cars but we took our usual route, meandering through the lanes, followed by the perfect stretch of dual carriageway that we love. Finishing at the local pub where we can all park up and have a pint by the motors. 


This post is just a little recap on the morning, to properly enjoy it you’ll have to make it down to one. So keep your eyes peeled, get involved with us and you might find yourself receiving an invite to one of our monthly events.