Grounded Mk4 Golf!

Grounded Mk4 Golf!

You are probably aware that at WeaselWerkz we love slamming our cars so close to the ground that it completely compromises the comfort of our daily drivers. This post focuses on a car that achieves the same visual appeal without gaining the bone rattling sensation, that holds a light similarity to riding a bike through gravel with no tyres on.

Recently we met up with George after a show. Before he made his 4 hour journey back home, we wanted to document his cruising 2001 Golf build on video and snap some pictures. It's a pretty neat build with some cool little bits of flare dotted in! The MK4 Golf is our favourite shape after its boxy predecessors (MK1 & MK2), as it dances the fine line between having curves and becoming a certified blob.

When purchased from an old lady, the car came completely stock so it was a solid find and in an extremely clean condition. There was a mere 35k on the clock when he got it and he's tallied up another 14k already, which shows you it's a car that he actually drives. The miles he has gained on it are impressive since it's currently been in his ownership for only a year and a half. All the work he’s done has been pretty rapid since the day he laid his hands on it, with the majority of the parts collected prior to the purchase as he knew what he was after.

He runs it on air ride using Raceland bags and Airmext SN-X5, which lets it sit looking pretty on a set of Work Equip 05's. It's only got a small 1.6 engine in it which to be fair, is not bad at all with the current petrol price and it's a cruiser not a race car so the engine suits it just fine. Obviously it sits decked off when parked but he doesn't run it massively higher when he is driving so hats off to the fella. It's got a cool custom exhaust with a pointed tipwhich I believe he welded up himself and he has pulled it off very nicely. 

Due to the ride height and stance wanted, he had to perform a fair bit of work on the underside and various geometry tweaks. He fabricated himself some custom front and rear camber, along with a custom subframe. He also notched areas for tie rods and drive shafts as well as chopping the chassis rails, all in the name of ultimate lows!

On the interior he has a beautiful set of cream leather Recaro seats front and back which he told us he'd acquired from a V5 mk4, very tidy indeed and something I hadn't come across before! 

We shot some content with him for an hour or so around an industrial estate that was local to the Tucked show we had been at. It was a simple but cool location that worked well with his car. After shooting some static stuff, he pumped up his tyres using the compressor from his air ride in the boot and we hit the road to get some rollers.

We had found a decent stretch of dual carriageway and did some tight, close driving. Even with our cameras hanging out the side of the car and almost scraping along the ground, we could still barely see below his car! It was only a short shoot but we didn't want to turn up the opportunity to link up and chat about his motor, it's something that we always love to do. For that, thanks for your time George!

We have laden this article with photos from the day but be sure to check out the video on our Youtube HERE which is the real fruit of our labour. Drop us a comment on youtube or Instagram and let us know if you think there are any cars out there that we should be paying attention to or even if you've got a little gem yourself.

Until next time, peace!