Our first show stand at Harpenden Classics on the Common 2022!

Our first show stand at Harpenden Classics on the Common 2022!

For all of us at WeaselWerkz, there is one event that holds great significance in the founding of our automotive interests. It is the local show in our hometown, Harpenden Classics on the Common, and as visitors we must have attended for in excess of two decades years now!

For this reason, it was an incredibly proud moment for us to hold our own display stand at the show, representing the community that we hold so close to our hearts. It is rather polarising to think of our skate-rat selves all those years ago, compared to now, with everything we are currently creating. It is all about counting those small mile stones and this, is one of them.

Classics on the Common holds the title for the biggest mid-week classic car show in Europe! It is a must visit event and a favourite on the classic car calendar for many, including yours truly. Often boasting a mind boggling 1000 vehicles each year, including plenty of bikes. Its eclectic array of eras and classes is capable of bringing out Greta Thunbergs' inner car enthusiast. From tanks to Ferraris, Chevy Blazers to Alfa GTV6s and 1950s converted Mx5s; if you've got a style you're into then they've probably got something you'll love.

The experience was quite different for us this year, being on the other side of the fence if you will. Usually we would turn up straight after work and mingle amongst the masses of ascending people. However this year we had to turn up alot earlier and set up within the specified 2 hour window. But, it wouldn't be right if we weren't late, which we were. Nevertheless, we pulled it off with no sweat, eager to see what the day held.

The event returned to its regular scale for the first time since the pandemic. Because of this, the crowds were eager for a show of it's usual high standard. We were there mainly to push our services as an operating garage and modification shop due to it being in the surrounding area of our business. However some people noticed our merchandise (all designed in house) and bought a few pieces which was a nice cherry on the pie for us. 

We talked to many interesting people throughout the day and it was great to engage with people via our company. It was a humbling feeling to have people in our local community show such an interest throughout the day and for us, it was a welcome reassurance that our hard work has been worth it.


 It was an amazing first show for us, and has got us raring to go to plenty more. Our next one will be the Rollhard show at Bicester heritage! Our mates over at Rollhard really know how to put on a show so it is definitely going to be one you don't want to miss.