Players Classic 2022

Players Classic 2022

Players Classic is a staple event in the car show calendar. This was our 5th year in attendance which is insane, I remember how blown away I was by the Goodwood site and the eclectic mix of high standard show cars. As expected it did not disappoint.

We only ventured down for the Saturday (arguably the better day as the track is active with fast built cars, and a lunchtime smoke show put on by Baggsy and the Monster crew) We'd love to have stayed for the whole weekend, but we're strapped for time these days as we're trying to get things ready for the rest of summer and keep on top of customer work flowing through the workshop back at HQ. We did however achieve something pretty cool en route to the show, which was purchasing a new project for our good friend Gavin, who finally after much persistent persuading is learning to drive. Obviously we're going to bully him into putting the 1.4 VW Polo 6n on the ground, so keep an eye out for some content around that. 

Anyway, we would usually film an after movie or a short film from the event, but in all honestly it's a lot of effort behind the camera on the day, so we opted for just shooting photographs which allowed us to be a little more sociable this year. It was cool to hang with a lot of our friends, and meet some new ones as well. 

This blog post is more reserved for the images from the event, rather than endless waffle, so without further adieu...


































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