Retro Rides 2022 at Goodwood!

Retro Rides 2022 at Goodwood!

Mid May, we payed a visit to the annual Retro Rides Weekender which is held down at Goodwood. It's an event that is highly cherished on the automotive calendar and we thought it would be rude not to attend. It's about a 2 hour journey down South from us, so early on Sunday we piled in one of our E46's and attempted to beat as much morning traffic as possible.

As with all events held at Goodwood, the caliber of vehicles on display is impeccable and you would struggle to find much rust at all. The criteria of the weekend is that everything is meant to be pre 2000's, hence the name 'Retro Rides'. This is pretty accurate across the board, with cars ranging from things such as Hillman Imp's all the way through to Zokusha Style Toyota Soarers.

No matter your taste, you're sure to find the perfect flavour to clench your automotive cravings at RR. We each had our own personal favourites, a few being a savage "Ken and Mary" KPGC110 Skyline with a meaty kit, a couple homologation spec Lancia Delta Integrale's, and a pretty rare Golf GTI Country.

We also saw some more wacky stuff, like a Citroen CX build that had been adapted for the owner to go surfing. He had turned the back into a truck style bed and built up a custom bracket with an arm so he could attach his surf board to the roof, which made it look crazy. The owner had told us he'd hit 120mph with that surf board attached! We couldn't help but imagine how much it was flailing around in the wind.

Each year they also host some track orientated fun. Goodwood is obviously a very iconic race track, which is steeped in history! So offer anyone the chance to view or take part in some on track action and they are unlikely to turn it down. They held a range of displays such as classic touring car laps, drift car displays and a super sprint session. On top of the displays they also offered people the chance to buy track time to attempt an auto cross style course in your own cars. Loads of hilarious moments ensued at this event, as the weird and wonderful, non track orientated vehicles came out. One example being, an old American Dodge van that was getting so much body roll, it had everyone convinced he was going to flip. 

All in all it was an amazing event, so glad we decided to make the journey. We did make a short video of the event, which you will find over on our Youtube shortly! Go give it a watch for a full look at what the show was about.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!