Rollhard X Bicester 2022

Rollhard X Bicester 2022

A successful car show generally has to tick at least two out of three boxes. Firstly it requires a scenic location, secondly the calibre of vehicles at the show needs to be top notch and lastly, the attitude of the organisers needs to be on point as to put the visitors head space in the right place. Rollhard's Bicester event hits all three of these key aspects year after year. Held at the iconic Bicester heritage site, this show boasts one of the best array of motor vehicles that anyone could ask for! The Rollhard group's passionate energy really shines through at this show and sets the tone in terms of how the UK automotive community should connect - with big smiles and positive energies.

The WeaselWerkz crew usually tend to visit the show each year as spectators, however this time we turned up for our second trade stand of the year. As you can tell, it is a show that we regard very highly and it was a great honour for us to be able to represent ourselves this time. 

On our stand we had our own E36 and Scimitar which you may have seen already. On top of those we also had a solid crew to support our display! There was a regularly driven S13, a clean as hell Corrado, another drift ready E36 with some sick etching on the bonnet and then the most styling Z3 which you may have seen previously on our Youtube channel
We had our home-made display stand which we have created from all sorts of bits and pieces, our merch display stand with its Brock rim and obviously some big tunes to top it all off. 

It is always enjoyable for us to give back to the supporters so we decided to have a fun interactive challenge to give people the chance to win a prize. We opted for the fastest nut challenge... It is not what your dirty mind is thinking. The challenge consisted of an M20 bolt and a nut, fastest time to screw the nut from top to bottom wins! We had some blistering times set with the winner taking home a WW tshirt for their 4.65 second record, which was far beyond all the other times.


It was a long and tiresome day but 110% worth it. We were able to connect with lots of people who managed to make it over to our stand. The selection of cars we got to see and the owners we got to chat to were super inspiring, which got our own creative juices flowing. Shows like this set the bar for personal build levels in the UK and help push the entire scene forward.

We would like to give a big shout out to everyone that helped out or put their cars on show with us at our stand. Another big shout out to the Rollhard crew for pulling out all the stops for this show. Last but not least, big ups to all the spectators and visitors because without you these shows would be nothing.

You can catch our official aftermovie of the event which we filmed in conjunction with Rollhard and Notomoto HERE! Support UK car culture and we will catch you very soon at a show near you!