Soggy June Coffee & Cruise

Soggy June Coffee & Cruise

We held the next instalment of our coffee & Cruise events at the beginning of the month. The weather was a big soggier than it usually has been but we continued to push on.

Some peoples journeys to us sounded like they resembled a canal boat trip as they navigated the endless puddle fields of Herts and Beds. We had a great turn out yet again with some solid motors and some good company! We hid inside the shop a bit more for the coffee due to the weather. As we exchanged croissant conversation, we managed to try out our new event stand which was a solid success.

They rain died off a fair bit whilst we were all chilling, which took some of the road canals deep waters away with it. We chose to switch up the route we usually drive for our C&C's for some different roads. There was a little bit less fast straight road for the cruising shots but we picked an insane, undulating lane that is an absolute please to drive on. We think that road must be one of our favourites in the local area so it was definitely worth trying to tie it in to our route.

We stopped midway at a village pub, had a pint and a bit of a recharge. At this point we weren't having to hibernate inside so we could have a proper chat and look at the cars.


Once we had regrouped, we headed back to WeaselWerkz HQ via the "Best Road in Hertfordshire". We had our final stop and concluded the event. As per usual we were firing off our photographic canons the whole day and got some cool content. Some of our favourite photos are featured in this article but we always have bucket loads which we enjoy sending out to our guests so they have something to take away.

Thanks for the quick look, keep an eye out on our Youtube and Instagram as we are always releasing new content and announcing new events all the time. Catch you again soon!