WeaselWerkz First Automotive Arcade

WeaselWerkz First Automotive Arcade

During the past weekend we held a long awaited event which we had been eager to get going. We introduced the WeaselWerkz games night to the public for its first edition, with hopefully many more to follow!

The concept behind the event is essentially based around the fact that many peoples first exposure to driving cars before being old enough for a license, would have been racing games. Lots of car enthusiasts can put their first automotive spark down to the likes of Need For Speed Underground, Gran Turismo or even Mario Kart. It is this reason that we coined the idea of holding an "Automotive Arcade" styled games night down at our headquarters, and what an idea it turned out to be!

We converted our garage/headquarters into a retro, neon styled, automotive arcade and in the darkness of the night, it really came to life. We set up 5 consoles with screens, 1 console on a large projector and 1 more console set up as a simulator. It is currently an event where we have to limit the number of attendees due to the size of our space, so the amount of consoles available was apt. However as we plan to constantly improve and upscale the event, we hope to hold it at larger venues and with this, also gain the capacity for many more consoles.

The turnout of people was amazing and the vibe of the night was top notch due to everyones shared passions and positive energy. We had our friend Dj Ray-C, playing music for the night from our clublike balcony, which really kept the energy up throughout the event. Certain games were definite crowd pleasers, Asseto Corsa and multiplayer Mario Kart both being successes. Then there were the standard go to choices as well, such as DriftX and Forza, which must have been running the entirety of the night.

Our friend over at CandyShowroom brought down his xbox with Forza Motorsport 7 on it to see where people would place on his established leaderboard. Our very own hot shot Scott managed to top the board, so come and have a go if you think your hard enough. Do you think we should try and make the CandyShowroom leaderboard a regular appearance?

The calibre of cars that attended was insane, which is what you would expect from a bunch of petrol heads. We had a friends rowdy S13 skid car parked by the front of the shutters as a showpiece and talking point. We aim to highlight certain vehicles at all our future ones we hold, so lets see what we can line up next!

Overall we were super stoked at how the event shaped up and the Games Night will become a regular WeaselWerkz event staple. Get in touch with us if you are already looking forward to the next one or even if you have some ideas on how you think we could improve. 
Keep an eye on our Instagram for news about any of our future events.

Until next time, much love Weasels!